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EQSN Application Hosting

Welcome to EQSN. We are a commercial IT hosting service provider operating from datacentres in the UK and the U.S.A.

For many companies, data and application hosting on a professionally managed, outsourced platform can deliver real cost and performance benefits.

However choosing an application hosting provider they can trust with their data, security, and the reliability of their applications can be a serious challenge. For many companies this has been the biggest single hurdle for moving to a hosted environment: trust. This isn't just trust in security, it's also about trust in their competence and the reliability and scalability of their technologies.

Our customers and partners tell us that is why we are different. We work from the outset to really understand their business needs which ultimately drive the design of a solution. On the basis of this we identify the application hosting elements that deliver on that need, now and in the future.

Our focus is on four key deliverables that our customers tell us are critical to their businesses –

  • Reliability– focusing on 100% operational up-time ensuring customers can transact business easily at all times.
  • Scalability– We know that access to hosted applications needs to flex up and down. This means processing power and bandwidth also have to be flexible. 
  • Sustainability– Our approach is highly cost and environmentally effective to encourage sustainable relationships with our customers.
  • Security- Our operational procedures and EQSN-specific datacentre infrastructure are accredited to the ISO 27001 Information Security Standard, essential for our customers' compliance requirements in Government and Private sector alike.

These are not idle promises; we contract on them with our customers for every solution we deliver. Even our approach to solution application hosting using our own Private Cloud also ensures that data and applications hosted by us are maintained in secure and ISO standard compliant datacentres. In this way our application hosting service meet the highest security standards giving you peace of mind. We focus on performance of support through our support desk that has a senior engineer as the first point of contact to quickly identify and deal with the request.

If we sound like the kind of company that you need to host your or your customers’ data and business applications with then contact us and we’ll be happy to have a conversation to determine whether we can satisfy your needs.


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"EQSN were a breath of fresh air to deal with - we got answers to all our questions quickly, and were impressed at being asked all the right questions."

Jonathan Rae

Ben Sherman

“The security of our client information and performance of the web site is critical to our customers and our business. The time taken by EQSN to understand the requirements of our business for scalability, page down loads and reliability ensure that our customers experience is 100% available and highly interactive

Sean Wood
Marketing Manager
Easydate plc
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